Dry Cabinets

What is dry cabinet?

Dry cabinet is storage container in which the interior is kept at a low level of humidity. It may be as simple as an airtight and watertight enclosure, or it may use active means to remove water vapour from the air trapped inside.

Why should a photographer to own a dry cabinet?

If you want your gears to stay in good condition for years, you should get a good quality dry box or dry cabinet. This storage container provides the protection for your cameras, as well as for all your other photography paraphernalia not only from moisture but fungus as well.

How to protect gears?

Dry Your Bag: If you live in a humid climate make sure to fully dry your bag every once in a while. Flip it inside out, dust off any sand and debris and let it roast in the sun for a bit. Even if you think your camera bag is fully dry, if you haven’t done this, or any other drying method, there is definitely moisture in your bag.

Clean Your Gear: This especially goes to anyone taking pictures in dusty or sandy environments, like the beach. After one beach photography session your camera is covered in salt and salt corrodes everything. Do yourself a favor and wipe it down with a moist cloth when you get home. Also, do a full gear clean at least once a month.

Use Dry Cabinets: Choose a professional dry cabinet on the market and remember to leave all your gears inside of it with proper HR settings. In couple of months time, you will appreciate the choice you've made.

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