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eDry 90L Dry Cabinet FD-86A(Fast Dehumidifying Model, 100% Made in Taiwan)

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    eDry A Series dry cabinet can lower the humidity level from 70% to 40% in about 30 minutes while other brands and models will spend about 3-4 hours to complete the same work. Patented Top Quality Super Dehumidifying Core High Speed, Good Stability, Power Saving, Noise Free.



    EDRY has more than 30 years of experience in independent top quality professional 
    dehumidifier research and development in Taiwan and possesses relevant technology. 
    The patented semi-conductor chip is used in the dehumidifying technology, and the 
    highly effective dehumidifying performance can reduce the moisture from 70%RH to 
    40%RH in 30minutes. It can also maintain and stabilize the humidity within the ideal 
    range. Furthermore, the micro-computer based smart auto-transformation power-saving 
    mode can save a lot of power.

    (1)The long-term steady humidity maintaining within the range allows you to 
         control the humidity easily.

    The up and down humidity will not affect the quality of storage; there is no need 
    for you to constantly adjust the humidity set for the moisture-proof cabinet because 
    of external environmental changes. It is the same whether in winter, in summer, 
    on a sunny day, or when raining.

    (2) A design for precise humidity control 

    The high precision humidity control prevents the humidity from dropping too 
    much, which can cause cracking, aging, discoloring, deformation and other 
    damages to the stored items (As shown in the diagram below, 40%RH is taken 
    as the reference here. At this condition, there is no impact from climate change, 
    and it is the best storage environment for prolonging the lifespan of items.) 


     8-fold greater dehumidifying capacity allows dehumidifying task to be completed as fast as in 30 -60minutes.

    (1)Achieving the idea humidity quickly

    It is suitable for items with a high water content (for example, leather and paper) or in 
    a high humidity environment (such as during the rainy season or the damp season).

    (2) Users who need to open the door frequently

    The humidity can quickly return to the set value even if the door has to be opened 
    many times for fetching the stored items (it is recommended for those who need to 
    open the door more than twice a day).

    Ultra Power Saving

    The power consumption is 25-fold less than that ofa dehumidifier. Moreover, it has a 

    lifespan about 20 years.

    Ultra Quiet

    Your living quality will not be affected by noises because of the superb noise-free design.

    Drawer-Type Multi-Functional and
     Detachable Shelves

    Latest Fashion Style

    The shelves are thoughtfully designed to enable the user to freely adjust the height of the space. 
    The pull-out drawer designallows you to have an easy access to your stored items without 
    stretching your arms all the way into the moisture-proof cabinet. The detachable dividers allow 
    you to use the storage space flexibly.





    Product Specifications:
    Model FD-86A Desiccating Capability

    Lower the humidity level from 70% RH to 40% RH in about 30 minutes.

    Capacity 90L Desiccator’s Configuration Layout  
    Outside Size H640 x W400 x D410 mm Humidity Control Design Intelligent microcomputer control, touch control panel operation, LCD panel display.
    Inside Size H570 x W395 x D400 mm Cabinet body design Cabinet body uses 1mm strengthen steel plate

    Upward/Downward adjustable shelves*2
    Slider tray*1

    Warranty Period 12 Months
    Desiccating Theory IC Physical Condensation Desiccation Average Power Consumption 8W
    Humidity Control Range Humidity Control Range 25%~60%RH Power Source AC220V+10V 50/60HZ 


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