As a professional manufacturing corporation, MISONICS was founded in 2009 by engineer team who had devoted their energy to research studio lighting products in one company which had been most influential in the field of photograph accessories manufacturing in 1990s.

Even though MISONICS was set up in 2009, it consists of a group of engineers who have researched for more than 15 years in the field of photograph and broadcast lighting products provided for studio lighting companies and special outdoor lighting company.

As the digital camera has been accelerated to the imaging industry, it has limitation to express satisfactory imaging by using existing analogue. In this regards, MISONICS has researched products fusing analogue sensitivity and digital high-tech and has been doing its best to provide creative images for the professional and to provide quick and easy sensitive-images for the amateur.

Clients will experience innovative and creative technology newly via MISONICS and it will satisfy three factors such as environment, cost and efficiency which will be/are our challenge in present and future.

On the basis of technology evolved for long time, MISONICS Brand became to enter the growth period and in company with client’s compliment, MISONICS will take a giant leap toward the brightening future.

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