What Equipment is Needed to Start a Photography Business?


Advancing technology and a growing interest has created a boom in the photography industry. High-quality DSLR cameras can be affordable for hobbyists. As you learn how to utilize the setting and create impressive results, you may be considering starting a photography business. Browsing photography equipment can seem overwhelming with so many choices. However, there are only a few basic items necessary to get started.

The Camera

The most important piece of equipment for any photographer is the camera. The model and other details are debatable. A basic DSLR camera can come with a pretty hefty price tag, but it is important to find one that meets your budget and your skill level.

A DSLR is the type of camera that has removable and interchangeable lenses. Most cameras come with a beginner lens. Depending on the type of photos you will be taking, it may be worthwhile to invest in a second lens with a lower aperture for sharp photos.


Even with the highest quality camera, bad lighting can ruin a photo session. It is important to find lighting that creates a bright, but natural effect. Speed lights, the technical name for a flash, produce a quick burst of bright, focused light. This is appropriate for portraits and other settings where shadow and depth are necessary. Continuous lighting, which produces a consistent illumination, is appropriate for photographing objects like products.

Photography lighting is significantly brighter than any household fixtures. It must be diffused or reflected to create bright light without washing out the subject. An umbrella or softbox is a valuable tool that can do just that. Most are white and may include a removable cover in black or silver. Each produces a different effect.

Structural Supports

Setup is an important part of any photo session, indoor or out. With a few light stands, you can stage the lighting to hit just the right angle. Most stands are compatible with any photography equipment and can accommodate lights, reflectors, umbrellas, and softboxes.

For the initial purchase, a kit can be practical. Look for one that includes a versatile light, an umbrella or softbox, and a light stand that holds the complete package.

Radio Triggers

A radio trigger is a simple device that can make a huge different in your photography. For any type of camera or user, pressing the shutter button moves the camera. It causes a small amount of noise or blur in the resulting photo. This might be minimal, but a remote trigger easily remedies this with a handheld device.

Processing Equipment

It is also important to choose appropriate equipment for finishing the photos. Developing and darkroom supplies are necessary for analog photography. A photo editing program like Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom is necessary to edit digital photos.

It can be tempting to buy a lot of equipment when getting started. You want to be great at what you do, so it makes sense to have all the necessary tools available. However, not all photography equipment will be essential to the type of photos you are taking.